From Wirxli Flimflams Perfomances at Gallery urEN lUREN May 25

An incredible number of people/avatars came to the opening of my Gallery urEN lUREN last friday, May 25th! But now, Wirxli , who had two performances on the opening, is an art superstar, so of course people wanted to come. If you wasn’t one of the lucky people who saw his performances, here you have a chance to get a litle of the feel that day form these documentaries I have made. The videos are about 4 minutes each, without sound, but the performances went on for 2 hours, with the sim crashing and heavy lag problems included.
Unfortunally, the second perfomance was not finished because Lisa Dapto from Melboure, Austalia, had so much trouble keeping herself in-world, that we had to call it off, but taking it up later, to finish it.
The results of the performances are now a part of the exhibition at Trollhaugen. You can also see the videos there.
So here is:
nOObject #1 – part 1 (first try)

nOObject #1 – part 2

Some pictures of the performance, in case you don’t have time to watch the videos:

The pictures are only of nOObject #1.
See Wirxli’s own long blogpost on the event here:
where he explaines the idea behind his performance. About nOObject #2 – Ageplay relations – A family Affair… here:
This link leads you to FWwixli Swindlehurst’, Wirxli’s adoptive daughter’s site. She is the chainsmoking girl who is hopping in vid nr 2 over here..

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